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Nicolette and Jenna both started CrossFit on Monday and both ladies competed in their FIRST open this AM. No excuses! We’ll see you all at Friday Night Lights, starting tonight at 530!

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We saw a lot of PRs on “Nicole” today! Make sure you’re logging your scores in the WodBlog so you can track your progress. Here are today’s results. This includes everyone that remembered to write their score on the whiteboard today: RX – WOMEN Deb De Villa 13 RXX (Muscle Ups) Whitney 53 RX Nicole Culjak 45 RX Lesley Hernandez 35 RX Sabrina Petrescu 25 RX RX – MEN Matt 145 RX Cristian Bonilla 125 RX Ben 117 RX Miguel 117 RX Anto 111 RX Shaun 105 RX Sean 92 RX Tom M. 91 RX Jesse 91 RX Kevin 90 RX Hostos 86 RX Gerry Malig 82 RX David H. 80 RX Hang 74 RX Julian 68 RX Adam Kruger 68 RX Guy 67 RX Jason Lasar 65 RX Eric 59 RX Jacob 57 RX Bobby 57 RX Joe K. 56 RX Andrew C 54 RX Jason Burbridge 52 RX Chris 49 RX Troy 45 RX Gabriel Da Silva 43 RX Josh Braaten 30 RX Steve Marshall 19 RX SCALED – MEN Listed Alphabetical Akida 70 Green Alejandro 90 Green Almer 85 RR Danny Nicassio 50 Red and Green Erez Haim 36 Black Giancarlo 25 Red and Green Harry 42 Green Henry 48 Blue Joey 65 Green Miguel 90 Blue Morry Sade 24 Black and Blue Nate 44 Green Ronnie 125 RR Vince 35 Green SCALED – WOMEN Listed Alphabetical April 32 Green Christina Boncato 74 Green Claudia 67 RR Cristina Saballett 38 Blue Elma Trujillo 25 Green Ivy 90 RR Jen Miranda 42 Green Jessica Filippini 32 Green and Blue Joyce Chang 64 Green Kathlene 22 Red Kelly Hanlon 25 Black Kimberly Marotta 20 Green and black Kristie 74 RR Kristy Khacherian 60 Green and Blue Laura S. 32 Purple Lauren Sinnot 17 Red and Blue Maggie Rojas 30 Green Natasha 75 RR Pam 38 Purple Rachel Brown 25 Green and black Rhianon 36 Black Sheena 40 Black Sonia Perez 21 Red Teresa Wolfe 74 Blue Tina 83 RR Tina Bonilla 69 Green Yvette 69 RR Zannia 67 RR

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“MURPH” on SUNDAY Where: CrossFit Studio City When: Sunday, 1/12/14 at 9am Lone Survivor comes out that same weekend. It’s based on Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy (“Murph”) and his SEAL team’s heroic acts during the War in Afghanistan. It’s a truly well-done movie, so go see it on Friday or Saturday and get inspired to honor Murphy and the rest of these heroes on Sunday! For those of you that signed up for the GoRuck Challenge, prepare for it by bringing your rucksack and we’ll throw some weights in it for you! “Murph” For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile Run **Partition the Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Squats as necessary.

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Happy Holidays! Great job to everyone who participated in our annual “12 Days of Christmas WOD”! Have a safe and healthy Holiday Season!

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CFSC showing Woodland Hills how Murph is done. Good job, today. Glad everyone was able to make it out. It made for a very special Memorial Day. And an extra thanks to everyone that made it to the BBQ afterwards!

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Our youngest Murpher (a Petranek, of course), and out last man standing. #memorialdaymurph #murph #community #love

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We can't unhear the words & stories from our own Mark Semos of SEAL Team Five. We don't want to. And our perspective will never be the same. "Memorial Day is just other day to me. Every morning I wake up and think of my friends who have died. You don't honor those who have died by thinking you're doing a badass workout. You cannot hurt yourself enough during this workout to know what it feels like to be shot to death. Or to have lost a child in combat. You can't destroy yourself enough to know what a wife feels when handed a flag. You honor these people by being a better person. Be a better person." #memorialdaymurph #murph #memorialday

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Come join us at Bier Garden for some post Murph fun! #CrossFit #biergarden #community #killcliff

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10am Murph in the books! We will be celebrating at Bier Garden afterwards. #murph #crossfitcounterculture #CrossFit #community

Paradiso CrossFit posted an article
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Amazing can't describe enough how today was. #murph #memorialdaymurph

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9am Murph in the books! There's still time to see you at 10am! We will be celebrating at Bier Garden afterwards. #murph #crossfitcounterculture #CrossFit #community

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8am Murph Crew! There's still time to attend the 9am and the 10am class! Also we will see you at Bier Garden at 11:00 to celebrate #CrossFit #crossfitcounterculture #murph

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Remember and never forget! Stop and take a moment 5/25 to say thank you. Class times: 6:30am, 9am, 10am, 11am only

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Marry Warner published the post Travelling with Medical conditions on Tabata Times
People with pre-existing medical conditions find it hard or troublesome to travel. Given the...
kakinda posted on CrossFit CSA
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Reminder - tomorrow (5/25) we are open for 1 workout. Gym will open by 9:30am, and 3-2-1 GO! at 10am. See you in the morning!!

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Make sure to come out for the 2015 Memorial Day Murph challenge at Trident Athletics! We sweat to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. WOD tomorrow at 10 am- See you there!

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Monday's work... Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. We remember our fallen heroes and those who are in harm's way by doing today's WOD. "Murph" w/ 20# weight vest 1 mile run 100 Pull Up 200 Push Up 300 Squat 1 mile run In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor". From here on it will be referred to as "Murph" in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is. Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

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Which side you like more....

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Summer is almost here! Call us to schedule a FREE intro session 360-863-2642

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"THE ENERGY, THE ANNOUNCING, THE ADRENALINE ... IT MAKES YOU RISE TO THE OCCASSION." Congrats to Chyna Cho and all of the athletes who participated in regional events today.

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#CrossFit #AffiliateShirts: CrossFit Invictus, San Diego, CA

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#CrossFit #AffiliateShirts: CrossFit 808, Honolulu, HI

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Thank you to Team Red White and Blue for all you do for the community. It is always a pleasure partnering up with you. Thanks to everyone who came out and battled this WOD to honor our service men and women!! Memorial Day weekend continues with Memorial Day "Murph" on Monday. Heats start at 8am, 9am and 10am. Everyone is welcome.

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Wrist mobility anyone?

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getting ready for Monday's WOD? Some tips ...

CrossFit Everett posted on Facebook

The Gym will be CLOSED Saturday & Sunday for the holiday weekend. The Gym will be OPEN Monday starting at 9:00am, with the first heats of Murphy heading out the door at 9:30 am. See you Monday!

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Rain City CrossFit posted on Facebook

Fun run this Sunday w/coach Amanda! We are meeting at the box-10:00am for a 4 mile run!

Rain City CrossFit posted on Facebook

Class Time: 10am (Lisa) Warm up: Coach choice Wod: Partners 100% (split up work between partners however you want, but must complete work before you move on, only one person “working” at a time) 100 wall balls(14/20) 100 meter wall ball run(14/20)each -partner has to run the 100 100 wall ball sit ups(14/20) 100 meter wall ball run(14/20)each -partner has to run the 100 100 deadlifts(95/135) 100 push press(35/45) 100 walking lunges 100 KB sings(35/53) 100 DU’s 100 plyo skaters

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Great Day at DOXSA with DOXSA HIIT's killer class, the Girls killin 30, 15, 7 x 3, then CJ vs JJ in jeans! I love hanging at DOXSA!

kakinda posted on
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Got a weight vest? Bring it for Murph tomorrow!

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5/22/15 WOD results

Doxsa CrossFit posted on Facebook

NO 30/30 Monday night @ DOXSA OPEN 9-11am honoring our fallen with Murph! Join us!

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Jay is on fire tonight #bridgetownbarbell #warmups #crossfit #fridaynightparty

CrossFit the Den posted on Facebook

Come down and join us tomorrow for a FREE Saturday class at 9am!! If you are interested in checking out a class with CrossFit The Den now is the time to do it!! Kick off Memorial Day with a BANG and you can join us for another workout on Monday at 8am or 10am for our favorite "MURPH!" See you guys all tomorrow morning!! Prepare to Squat, Press, and Deadlift tomorrow :)

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Come join your CFX family and watch the SKi to Sea Parade tomorrow from Noon - 2 pm! Easy parking at CFX. We will meet at the top of Cornwall & Kentucky! I will try and save an area bright and early in the morning! Look for CFX signs! Looking forward to hanging out with you all! Also a note from our friend Russ who will be taking part in the Parade below! "Just a note to pass along for any Crossfit X peeps with kids that might be interested getting to check out our Airport Crash (fire) truck (pretty darn cool truck). We will be staging it to either side of Alabama Between Ellis and Franklin streets (only 4 blocks from the gym) that Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 - 11:30. Parade starts at noon. We will be decorating during this time, but I'm happy to give tours to anyone wanting to have a look"

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14 killin DOXSA HIIT @ 9am!

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TESTING NEXT WEEK (Mon,Wed,Thur and Fri)! Keep up the great work GUYS! Calling ALL athletes: Join us next Sat no am class on 5/30 for our annual StarLight WOD/ BBQ & toast to follow. All members are invited and encouraged to come. May 30th! Sat at 5pm! Bring some meat to grill or your favorite clean eating side dish! Time for some CFSWP FUN!

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Time for a poll!! We are putting together a group outing to the Grouse Grind this summer! We want to get an idea of weekends that might work best for the majority (or some of us just might come twice!), so comment below what your #1 and #2 dates would be: Saturday July 5 Saturday July 18 Sunday July 19 Saturday August 1 Sunday August 2 Saturday August 15 Sunday August 16

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Just a quick sit up tutorial.

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BEAU! Always photo Bombing! #lovehim #amazingcoach #doxsacrossfitgains

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Sweatshirt orders are in!!! We will get a typed up confirmation on Tuesday!

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COCF peeps we will have 1 class on Monday at 9am. Saturday 9am is still a go. We will be canceling pain storm next Saturday at 9am so that we can all watch and Cheer Cody on.

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The 6AM class not messing around. | #strongman #yokecarry #strongerthanyesterday

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CrossFit Chuckanut posted an article
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My 10:30am ladies kicking butt!

Berkeley CrossFit posted an article
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Nice work 5am crew. Thanks for keeping me company.

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Rob working on his glenhumeral internal rotation....with a little help from a friend.

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Since your legs were sore....

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Don't forget on Monday only 1 class for the day. Murph at 10am with a BBQ to follow.

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Good Luck Charis! It's Show Time!! We're all routing for you!!! California Regionals Day 1! Coach Charis will be competing at 1:10 and 3:30 in Lane 3. Go to to stream! #Repost from @charischan with @repostapp••• This is really happening!! Thank you to all my sponsors who helped me get here @bmbx_athletics @wodshop, @virusintl for keeping my compression game on #Fleek, everyone at @BerkeleyCrossFit @maxsgym, my friends and family you guys always encourage me to keep going and follow my dreams. Alright... Time to have some fun #CrossFitGames #SuperRegionals #CaliforniaRegionals #LongHairDontCare #CharisChan

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Monday May 25th hours: 10am class only!